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Inside Dynamic HTML

Inside Dynamic HTML Book Cover
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Cross-browser Games

DHTML Pegs (NS3, NS4, IE4)
A cross-browser version of pegs. Have fun playing the different layouts and learn how we made it work cross-browser.

Cross-Browser DHTMLLib Games
The following games run in both Internet Explorer 4.0 and Netscape Navigator 4.0. They were written with DHTMLLib, the cross-browser scripting library.

An adaptation of your favorite addicting game. Now brought to you using DHTMLLib. Experience the fun.
  You may notice a delay to initialize the game once the file is finished downloading.

Mars Expedition Puzzle
In recognition of the recent expedition to Mars, we have taken one of the Rover's images and turned it into a puzzle. Can you put the Rover and Mars back together? This puzzle requires 75K of images to download.

Internet Explorer 4.0 Games
These games are also featured in the 10K Demo as they were all written in less than 10K!

The Puzzler!
The Puzzler uses Dynamic HTML to manipulate any image on the web and turn it into a sliding puzzle. Make your images and web-site more fun and interactive using The Puzzler's step by step wizard.

A DHTML version of the popular arcade game, "Breakout". For best results, this game requires a fairly fast computer.

Lights Out
A DHTML puzzle. Try and turn all the lights back on. You can make the puzzle easier or harder by adjusting the board size.

A 2 player DHTML version of the classic strategy game, Dots. The entire logic for this game is less than 7K!

A DHTML Maze Game in less than 5K!