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Inside Technique : Explorer Solitaire home page
By Rajeev Hariharan

Remember that frighteningly addictive Windows game that almost cost you your first job? Well, Solitaire comes in many flavours other than the classic Klondike game which came with Windows and the more recent Freecell. There are literally thousands of variations of the game invented by people from all over the world, who, like this author, have nothing better to do with their time:-).

This is the home page of Explorer Solitaire, a JScript library that enables you to quickly design your own version of the game and publish it on a web page so that all your friends may see and marvel at your idiocy. It works only with IE4 and higher browsers. The library supports most of the features found in commercial Solitaire games.

From this page you can:

This page will be constantly updated as new games, articles, and features are added to the library. You can check out what has been added since your last visit by viewing this page's Update History. The SiteExperts newsletter will inform you of any updates. If you are not a member of the, please take a brief moment to join now for free.

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Legal Notices

The Explorer Solitaire library and the demonstration games are copyright © 1997-99, LLC, and are published as free software under the GNU General Public License (GPL). By playing or downloading them you agree to be bound by the terms and conditions of this license, including acceptance that the programs carry NO WARRANTY, and that they may be redistributed and/or modified only in accordance with the terms and conditions of this license.


The playing-card GIFs were designed by Oliver Xymoron, who has published them under the GNU GPL. The original cardpack is available from his homepage at WASTE. These images are copyright © Oliver Xymoron.

The background images are part of a huge collection of thousands of GIF animations, buttons, backgrounds, lines and borders available at MediaBuilder. All these images are in the public domain and are free for use on personal and commercial websites. These images are copyright © Andover.Net.

Update History

June 27, 1999
Homepage created with 10 games, ver 1.0 of the library, and 0 article(s).

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