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Inside Technique : Explorer Solitaire home page : Download Explorer Solitaire

Welcome to the Explorer Solitaire download page. The entire library, inclusive of all demonstration games is available from here.

While unzipping these files, please remember to check the Use Folder Names option of WinZip. If you are using PKUnzip, use the -d flag to restore directory structure. You will need around 5 MB free disk space for the entire library, inclusive of the games.

Download Entire Library with all games
Use this option if you are downloading Explorer Solitaire for the first time.

Download newest games only
Use this option if you have previously downloaded the library, and only want the newest games and features. Unzip this file in the same directory as the Explorer Solitaire library. These games will not work without the library. (Coming Soon)
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Page 3:Download Explorer Solitaire