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Image Transition Behavior

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Image Transition Behavior
Submission by SiteExperts Staff

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Image Transition Behavior

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Short Description
Automatically add transitions to your standard image rollover effects with this IE5 behavior.

Long Description
We show you how to automatically add transitions to every change of the image src. By using an IE5 Behavior, this degrades to a standard image change in existing browsers without requiring any special browser detection.

Scott Isaacs
Date/ Version
Submission URL
Submission Date
Mar 18,1999
Last Update
Mar 22,1999

Discussion and Rate this Resource
Overall Rating: 3.3

krow on Jul 17, 1999 at 2:04:07 PMRating: 2
Why is nearly all image swaps-mouseover?

I need an image to load, with a select menu, to choose the one selected, and work cross-browser.

The flower farm at devedge, (where I found a link to this site) is in the dhtm in communicator section, by Reaz.
In the sarch site you can type layers-reaz to find it.

That works great but only in Communicator.
Perhaps we can have an image, and a menu to change it to anyone of 4 or 5 more. AL Lyman
bbuchs on May 4, 1999 at 6:01:20 AMRating: 1
This shouldn't be listed within "Cross-Browser DHTML". just because it degrades to no effect for NN doesn't mean that it's cross-compatible. I wold think that this section would be reserved for scripts that work equally well across both platforms.
elton on Apr 6, 1999 at 5:50:22 AMRating: 4


It appears you left a semicolon off the end of line 16 in ... It should be :

function TransitionNow() {
  if (event.propertyName=="src")
 if (event.propertyName=="style.filter")

Scott Isaacs on Mar 23, 1999 at 7:37:05 AMNo Rating
You should see rotating images. In IE5 the rotation is enhanced with a transition effect without requiring any extra browser detection. What script error did you see (I have not seen any script errors)?
Morgoth on Mar 23, 1999 at 6:37:29 AMNo Rating
I can't understand why my browser (IE 4.72.3110.8) is rotating the images. It shouldn't know that behavior yet. When I loaded the page, it gave me a script error on one of the images. I told it to continue processing the script, and it began rotating the image between a green and red ball. Can anyone explain this?!?

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