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Auto-Completing Text Boxes

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Auto-Completing Text Boxes
Submission by SiteExperts Staff

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Auto-Completing Text Boxes

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Short Description
Create auto-completing textboxes for Internet Explorer.

Long Description
Using the Internet Explorer 4.0 TextRange object we show you how to create auto-completing textboxes. Our technique for looking up values can be easily customized to work against different types of data.

Scott Isaacs
Submission URL
Submission Date
Oct 26,1998

Discussion and Rate this Resource
Overall Rating: 4.4

ft1000ab on Apr 21, 1999 at 3:09:54 AMRating: 3

It would be really good if the suggested completion string was selected, so you could overwrite bad lookups.

Is this possible?

elmorer on Mar 19, 1999 at 11:16:17 AMRating: 4
I'm using your code for listbox that works great , but i'd like to use an array , but I'm having some trouble I'm fairly new to javascript,

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