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Inside Technique : XML-Based Survey Server
By Scott Isaacs

In our last article we showed you how to create a content server. In the content server, you created your articles using XML, transformed them into HTML using XSL, all editable within a browser-based environment. In this article, we create a Survey Server where for creating multiple choice user surveys.

Like our content server, we use XML to manage all the survey-related information. A subtle, but important difference from the content server is that we are now using XML to store data. As you read this article, consider how combining XML as a data store and data description format with XSL to present the data can revolutionize how you interact with your databases.

Our Survey Server is a browser-based application. You create and edit surveys all from within your browser. Since the survey presentation is defined using XSL, you can quickly create new survey and result presentations. As we take you through the Survey Server, we will demonstrate the following techniques:

  1. Storing multiple presentations in a single XSL file
  2. Querying XML documents for specific information
  3. Manipulating and transforming queried elements
  4. and manipulating XML using the document object model

Next we continue with an overview of the Survey Server's features.