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The Internet Playground is your destination for DHTML Games. We feature games by Rajeev Hariharan, Erik Arvidsson and Emil Eklund, and your host, Scott Isaacs.
  We recommend you check out Rajeev's library of classic games for IE4+. His games are not only fun to play, but include articles that explain how he applied the latest web-development techniques to build interactive real-world applications.
  Feel free to explore, play, and download all of our creations. Be sure to return often, as we are hard at work adding more games and articles to this collection.

What's New in the Playground

DHTML Vegas Arcade by Scott Isaacs
DHTML Blackjack for IE 4+
Take a break and try our vegas-style DHTML Blackjack game. DHTML Blackjack simulates our favorite casino game with support for splitting, doubling-down, and insurance.
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Cross-Browser DHTML Video Poker
Test your luck in our DHTML Video Draw Poker game. Video Poker works in Netscape Navigator 3.0 and later or Internet Explorer 4.0 and later.
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Internet Explorer DHTML Connect Four by Erik Arvidsson
From our friends at WebFX. Play DHTML Connect Four and see if you can beat the computer. A great demonstration of creating an interactive board game.

Explorer Solitaire by Rajeev Hariharan
Rajeev recreates 10 classic and rare solitaire games that you can play on-line or download for offline enjoyment. Visit the Solitaire home page for a complete index or select a game below. These games are built with Rajeev's Solitaire Engine which will be covered in upcoming articles.
Take a break! Play a game of Solitaire

The oldest and most loved of all Solitaire games. Gained worldwide notoriety when it was released with the Windows operating system, creating a whole new generation of glassy-eyed zombies in offices around the world.
A popular variant of Klondike without a deck. Moderately difficult. Requires some planning ahead.
Popular game in which all cards are initially face-up, making it more a game of skill than chance. The game is moderately difficult as group movements of cards are not allowed.
A rarer variant of Yukon. The layout is the same as Yukon, but the allowable builds are different. Same level of difficulty as Yukon.
A two deck variant of Klondike. Easy to play but difficult to win.
A classic game with horizontally built piles. Since the original game is very difficult, we have included a simpler variant.
The original 10 tableau game. All cards are face up from the beginning, so you can tell if you have a shot at winning. Very difficult.
A variant of Fortress, with a similar layout, but with a slightly different build. This game is not so heavily dependent on luck as Fortress. Moderately difficult.
Forty Thieves
The classic two deck game. Very very difficult. Recommended only if you have lots of spare time and patience.
King Albert
A cross between Yukon, Freecell,and Klondike. All cards are face up at the beginning, but because you can move only the topmost card in any pile, the game is quite difficult.

DHTML Sokoban by Rajeev Hariharan

A three part series explaining the techniques used to build the strategy game, DHTML Sokoban. Join Rajeev as he explores data access techniques as he builds the Sokoban HTML Game (IE4/5) and IE5 Sokoban Level Editor using IE5's new HTA technology. Be sure to play the Sokoban game on-line or download the game and level editor for your own off-line enjoyment.

Mysterious Maze by Rajeev Hariharan
Rajeev's first article for While this article introduces the advanced development concepts of recursion, it also includes a maze game you can play on-line.

DHTML Bomberman by Erik Arvidsson and Emil Eklund
Take a break - grab a friend and try out DHTML Bomberman, a strategy game based on the classic "Bomberman" game by Hudson Soft. Try to blow up your opponent before they get you.

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Newest Editions
in Inside Techniques (4/5)

IE5 DHTML Arcade
in Inside Techniques (4.2/5)

DHTML Video Poker
in Inside Techniques (4.5/5)

DHTML Blackjack
in Inside Techniques (4.4/5)

Canfield Solitaire Game
in Inside Techniques (4.3/5)

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