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Your guide to Internet Explorer

Popup Menus in Internet Explorer 5.5 by Scott Isaacs
The latest beta of IE 5.5 exposes lots of great new developer-oriented functionality. In this article, we explore the new popup window functionality that enables you to create content that can overlap and display on over the boundaries of any window. This allows the creation of real menus, tooltips, and more.
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DHTML Sokoban Series by Rajeev Hariharan
Rajeev fixes a few DHTML Sokoban bugs and ports Yoshio Murase's extremely difficult compilation of over 50 Sokoban levels. Read how Rajeev created DHTML Sokoban and download the latest version for offline play.
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Part II - W3C DOM Table of Contents
We finish our look at using the W3C Document Object Model (DOM) recommendation to create an interactive, dynamic table of contents. We show how to use the DOM to enumerate all the headers in a document and build a working table of contents.
  Our solution works in both Internet Explorer 5.0 and Netscape's Gecko Developer Preview demonstrating that real-world use of the W3C DOM recommendation is possible.
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Focus on IE5 Behaviors
Behaviors are an exciting new feature of Internet Explorer 5.0. Our library of behaviors demonstrate many techniques including how to create web-pages that are automatically enhance in Internet Explorer 5.0 while not effecting existing browsers. Look for many more behaviors and Internet Explorer 5.0 techniques to be added over the next few weeks.

IE5 SuperScroller Behavior
We show you an IE5 behavior that overrides the built-in scrollbars. Our behavior demonstrates using XML to define the scrollbar widgets, dynamic expressions, mouse capturing and more. Since it is a designed as an IE5 behavior, it automatically is ignored by all other browsers.
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IE5 Rubbery Text Behaviors
Converting your DHTML scripts to behaviors is often extremely simple. In this article, we show you how we converted two of our original text effects scripts from way back in 1997 into two new IE5 Behaviors. See the behaviors that expand your text from a single point and our elastic text behavior that makes your text grow and shrink.
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Positioning with IE5 Expressions
Internet Explorer 5.0 allows you to set any CSS property or HTML attribute to an expression that gets automatically evaluated. See how we use this feature to position elements anywhere in your window and download our latest IE5 behavior.
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Hover Behavior
We demonstrate compound class-names and Internet Explorer 5.0 behaviors to add CSS hover effects to any element in your page. This behavior is extremely simple and automatically degrades in other browsers.
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Image Transition Behavior
Automatically create a transition between every time you change an image src through script. By using an IE5 Behavior, this technique degrades to a standard image exchange in existing browsers. All this without requiring any special browser detection.
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Cool Rule Behavior
Based on our original cool rules technique we created an Internet Explorer 5.0 behavior that automatically enhances your horizontal rules. By using a behavior, this effect automatically degrades in existing browsers to display a standard HR element.
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Cross-Browser Blink Element
It's time to pack up our bags and go home. We finally have taken the big step and made the Netscape BLINK element cross-browser. Now you can even drive your Internet Explorer users' crazy by creating lots of blinking text. Check out how we did it in this light-hearted article.
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Puzzler Behavior
We converted our original puzzler wizard to an Internet Explorer 5.0 behavior. By using behaviors, converting images to sliding puzzles is so easy that the wizard is no longer necessary. In addition, the puzzle automatically degrades to the original image in existing browsers. Check it out!
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Steve Gore's Behavior Library
Steve Gore's library of Internet Explorer 5.0 behaviors.
  - - moving an object around the screen
  - - fading an object into a web page
  - - hiding and showing an object
  - - typing text into a web page
  - - rotate lists of text, images, or links
  - - add hover text and borders to anchors, images, and elements
  - - add a floating frame that stays at a fixed position on the screen
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[More IE5 Resources]

Discussion Forums
Internet Explorer
A discussion forum devoted to the latest features in Internet Explorer.
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Dynamic HTML
Get together with fellow developers and discuss the latest cross-browser scripting techniques in the Write Once! discussion forum.

A-B-C-DHTML Behaviors
Steve Gore demonstrates how to create Internet Explorer 5.0 Behaviors. Learn how to create behaviors that expose their own properties, methods, and events.
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CSS Enhancements
See the latest CSS improvements supported by Internet Explorer 5.0 including better positioning support and superfast table rendering. Learn how to apply formatting to your own custom elements.
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